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Adjuvant-surfactant to improve the coating, content and penetration of working solutions on the plant surface, in order to increase the effectiveness of plant protection products.

AduMax it is recommended to use to increase the effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators and microelements on field, fruit and special crops.

Wax patches of plants, integuments of pests and even fungi pathogens have pronounced water-repellent properties. This leads to dripping of the working solution drops from the object.

AduMax provides tight adhesion of the working solution with the object and reduces the flow. The active ingredient of the preparation with adjuvant penetrates into the plant and spreads to the leaf surface 8-16 times better, compared with the working solution without adjuvant.

Thanks to the oily base and fast adhesion, АduMax ensures the pesticide resistance to precipitation washing within a few minutes after treatment, and protects pesticides from losses due to evaporation, volatility and decomposition from photodegradation.

Increases the effectiveness of products for chemical and, especially, biological control.

Preparation use:

Fill 2/3 of the sprayer with water, add pesticides, micronutrient fertilizers, and then add the required amount of adjuvant. Fill the spray tank with water with constant stirring.

The composition of the preparation:

  •  Trisiloxane (organosilicone surfactant)
  •  Natural polysaccharide

Preparation compatibility:

The product is compatible with most biological and chemical plant protection products.

Storage rules:

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Method of processing and dosage
culturewater volume, l/haconsumption rate of the preparation, l/ha
Field crops200-2500,05-0,1
Fruit and berry cultures600-10000,2-0,3
Presowing seed treatment10 l/t10 ml/t
Other0,015-0,02% from the volume of the working solution

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