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New biotechnological acaricide insecticide of the contact action for pest control of agricultural, ornamental, forest and fruit and berry cultures.

Actarophyt© is effective in the control of Colorado beetle, aphids, thrips, cabbage moth, noctuids, fruit-eaters (moths), mites, apple moths, mining moths and other pests.

The first signs of action of the preparation - pests nutrition cessation - are observed in 6-8 hours for leaf-bites and in 12-16 hours for sucking pests. Mass death occurs on the 2-3d day after treatment, and the maximum effect is reached on the 5-7th day. The protective effect of the preparation lasts up to 10-20 days.

Actarophyt© is not toxic for ladybugs, spiders, carnivorous bugs, parasitic lepidoptera, ants, beetles, earthworms.

The ability of avermectins to decompose rapidly in the environment prevents their accumulation in seeds, fruits, vegetables and soil. Therefore, Actarophyt© is used on vegetable and fruit cultures 48 hours before harvesting.

It has great effect against soybean spider mites. It has an ovicidal effect.

Application of the preparation:

  •  The preparation is used at appearing of pests.
  •  It is advisable to spray the cultures or plantings in dry, clear, windless weather with a low chance of precipitation for the next 8-10 hours. The minimum temperature threshold for the effectiveness of the preparation is 15 °C.
  •  It is not recommended to treat during dew and in sunny weather as this reduces the effectiveness of the preparation.
  •  Actarophyt© has the 3rd safety grade (moderately safe substance). Personal protective equipment must be used. You cannot smoke, drink or eat while working. After work wash face and hands with soap, rinse mouth.
  •  The preparation is moderately toxic to bees, so bees should be limited for 1 day during treatment. The access of personnel to the treated areas is allowed after 2 days. Do not allow the product to get into the water.
  •  Empty containers cannot be used for other purposes, thrown into sewers, rivers or other water reservoirs.

Product compatibility:

Actarophyt©is compatible with agrochemicals and biological products. It has a synergistic effect with Gaubsin FORTE, Coloradocide© and Entocid.

Storage rules:

Store Actarophyt© in a cool, dry place at temperature from 0°C to +25°C, separate from food and medicine in a place out of the reach of children and animals.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Shelf life of working solution is not more than 3 hours.

Method of treatment and dosage of preparation Actarophyt
culturepest nameconsumption, l/haconsumption of working solution, l/hamethod and time of treatmentnumber of treatments
Crops: wheat, barley, ryeCereal aphids, wheat thrips, cereal fly0,15-0,30200-300Spraying as pests appear1-2
Oulema melanopus, Anisoplia austriaca, Calopteryx beatle, ordinary crop noctuidae (canterpillars II-III age)0,1-0,15200-3001-2
RapeCruciferous flea, cabbage aphid0,2-0,4200-300Spraying during budding and as pests appear2-3
Rapeseed flower beetle, rapeseed sawfly, cabbage noctuidae, Pieris brassicae0,15-0,30200-3001-3
Sunflower, sugar beetAgapanthia dahlia Richt, Homoeosoma nebulellum Seniff, Asproparthenis punctiventris0,15-0,2200-300Spraying as pests appear1-2
LegumesPuralidae, noctuidae, meadow moth, fleas, spider mites0,3-0,6200-300Spraying during budding and as pests appear1-2
PotatoesColorado beetle, potato moth0,15-0,2200-300Spraying as pests appear1-2
Cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, pepper in hothousesSpider mite0,2-0,31000-2000Spraying during the growing season with an interval of at least 20 days2-3
Peach and melon aphid0,6-1,0
Tobacco and California thrips, whitefly0,8-1,2
Roses and other ornamental cultures of protected groundSpider mite0,3-0,5600-1200Spraying during the growing season with an interval of at least 14 days2-3
Tobacco and western flower thrips, all kinds of aphids0,5-0,8600-1200
Cauliflower and white cabbagePieris brassicae, rape whitefly, cabbage noctuid0,3-0,5300-450Spraying as pests appear1-2
Grapes, currantsMites0,2-0,3300-500Spraying as pests appear2
Athalia rosae L.0,2-0,25400-500
Sparganothis pilleriana and Geometridae0,25-0,3
Fruit: apple, pear, cherry, sweet cherryAphids, Enarmonia formosana0,5-1,01000Spraying as pests appear1-2
Open sitting aphid0,5-1,0
Geometridae, noctuidae, codling moth0,4-0,92-3
Before adding the preparation to the working solution, the content must be thoroughly shaken!

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