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Bactoculicide - narrow spectrum biological insecticide - sporocrystalline complex containing delta-endotoxin of entomopathogenic spore bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis, which is formed in the process of culture fermentation.

Bactoculicide is developed to control the larvae of different types of blood-sucking mosquitoes (including malaria mosquitoes), squeaking mosquitoes, as well as with rice mosquito larvae in all types of water bodies, including fisheries, located in all natural areas and in the basements of residential buildings and other buildings, by organizations having the right to carry out disinfection activities.

Preparation Bactoculicide is an intestinal poison for the larvae of any species of mosquitoes. Toxin, getting into the body of the larvae with food, causes a disturbance of the digestive process, toxicosis and death.

The deadlines for the death of the larvae vary from several hours to several days and depend on the consumption rate of the preparation, the age and physiological state of the larvae, the hydrological and biocenotic characteristics of the water bodies.

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