Inoculant for corn

Inoculant for corn BINOC© Corn - is a complex inoculant for pre-sowing treatment of corn seeds (including treated ones) in order to maximize the potential of the crop.

The composition of the preparation

Selected microbiological cultures - antagonists of root rot pathogens, nitrogen fixing cultures and phosphorus and potassium mobilizers, phytohormones, antibiotics, vitamins, amino acids and growth regulators, a set of key trace elements. Total titer: not less than 1x1011 CFU/g.

Packing: Zip-Lock bag 500 g

Consumption rate: 50 g per sowing unit

Shelf life: 12 months at t° from +2 °С to +25 °С in a dry place protected from direct sunlight

 Product description (.pdf)

Certified Organic Standard according to the Standard for the production of excipients that can be used in organic agriculture and processing (subject to the requirements of the Standard equivalent to EU Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008)

Benefits of using an inoculant

  •  Increase in germination by 10-20% and seed germination energy even under stressful conditions.
  •  Rapid formation of a powerful root system.
  •  Formation of the rhizosphere from beneficial microflora.
  •  Inhibition of soil pathogens of bacterial and fungal diseases during the entire growing season.
  •  Reducing the phytotoxic effect when using soil herbicides, protectants.
  •  The use of the preparation allows saving on the use of components for lubricating seeders based on talc and graphite.
  •  Improvement of nitrogen and phosphorus-potassium nutrition of plants, increase in the coefficient of digestibility of nutrients from mineral fertilizers.
  •  Increase in corn yield by 5-21%.

Instructions for use

Inoculant BINOC© Corn is insoluble in water. It is intended for processing of seeds only by a dry method in seeders or in bags with seeds.

The preparation should be evenly distributed over the seeds in the seeder hopper or pour the required rate of the preparation into a bag with seeds, mix well and pour into the seeder.

To facilitate the dosage of the preparation, the package contains a measuring cup.

Preparation compatibility

It is allowed to use the inoculant on previously treated seeds.

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