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A biotech preparation of prolonged action to improve the nitrogen nutrition of plants, stimulate the growth of the root system and prevent plant diseases.

The preparation is used for pre-sowing treatment of seeds, seedlings, as well as feeding and processing of grain, industrial, vegetable, fruit and berry crops and houseplants for the growing season, improving soil fertility indicators.

The beneficial effect of the preparation BioMag for plants due to two factors: its ability to absorb molecular nitrogen from air (20-45 kg/ha) and synthesize various biologically active substances such as phytohormones of auxin, giberelinic and cytokinin series, antibiotics, vitamins of group B, organic acids and amino acids.

The main advantages of using the preparation:

  •  increases by 5-15% germination of seeds, rooting of seedlings of vegetables, seedlings and seedlings of fruit and berry and ornamental crops;
  •  allows you to save up to 100 kg / ha of ammonium nitrate and reduces the toxic effect on the soil from the use of fertilizers and pesticides;
  •  increases by 5-15% indicators of crop yields and product quality;
  •  activates the beneficial soil biota, accelerates the development of the root system;
  •  increases plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions;
  •  synthesizes phytohormones-growth regulators and antifungal substances;
  •  effective for the entire period of cultivation in open and protected ground;
  •  restores fertility and soil structure.

Preparation use:

 For seed treatment, an aqueous solution is prepared at the rate of 10 l/t of seeds. First of all, chemical components are added to the solution, biological components are added to the latter. Seeds and planting material are treated in the shade or under a canopy, avoiding direct sunlight.

 For spraying plants during the growing season, the rate of application of the working solution.

 Seed treatment (seedlings) with the preparation - should be carried out no later than 3-5 days before sowing or before planting seedlings.

 Treated seeds and seedlings must be protected from direct sunlight and heat above 25 °C.

 The treatment of plants is carried out during periods of minimal solar activity (morning, evening, night, rain).

 The working solution for the treatment of seeds must be used within 3 hours.

 To store working solution in a shadow or under a canopy, avoiding hit of direct sunshine.

It is important to remember: the introduction of high doses (from 30 kg/ha) of mineral nitrogen into the soil contributes to the degradation of all types of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, as a result, they gradually stop the process of nitrogen fixation.

Preparation compatibility:

Preparation BioMag well compatible with herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers. Not compatible with chemical fungicides.

Preparation combination BioMag during the treatment of seeds with microelements, the Harvest increases the efficiency of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms, as a result, the yield and quality of agricultural products are increased.

Installed high efficiency of nitrogen fixing BioMag in mixed culture with preparations Biophosphorin© и Celulad© in high-fiber environments that are an important carbon source.

Connection BioMag with Biophosphorin© и PhytoDoctor© when introduced into the soil before sowing, it improves yield, sugar content and improves the chemical composition of sugar beet.

Storage Rules:

Store at t° from +2 °C to +15 °C in a dark place, protected from direct sunlight, separately from toxic chemicals.

Shelf life: 6 months.

The method of processing and dosage of nitrogen fixer soil BioMag.
processing methodsuspension rate
Seed treatment of grain and leguminous crops0,5-2,0 l/t
Spraying the soil before sowing crops with a sprayer1,0-1,5 l/ha
(consumption of working solution 300-500 l/ha)
Spraying of crops during the growing season (winter wheat, spring barley, corn, sugar beet, etc.)0,5-1,5 л/га
(consumption of working solution 250-300 l/ha)
Before adding the preparation to the working solution, the contents must be thoroughly shaken and passed through a strainer.

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