It is the preparation for the pre-sowing inoculation of soya seeds. It is the liquid concentrated mixture based on the culture of Bradyrhizobium japonicum tuber bacteria and products of their metabolism. The strain has a high level of symbiotic affinity with soya plants, which provides a high level of inoculation on almost all kinds of soya seeds. It is possible to release the product in dry form.

Preparation BioMag© Soya is used for pre-sowing inoculation of soybean seeds by mechanized (by means of machines of type PS-10 or mixers for treating seeds ), or manual processing of seed material. Due to the stabilizers in the solution the seed bacterization can be carried out 5-7 days before sowing. When used in a mixture with the recommended treater, the seeds should be sowed immediately or at least after 3 days.

Application of the preparation:

  •  The treated seeds must be protected from direct sunlight and temperatures above +20 °C to maintain the viability of the bacteria until sowing in the prepared soil.
  •  Regardless the method of bacterization, after seed treatment, it is possible to dry it in order to avoid the reduction of the seeding rate.
  •  Before adding the product to the working solution, it is recommended to shake it and pass through the strainer filter.

Preparation compatibility:

Inoculant Biomag Soya has a synergistic effect with biological products Phytodoctor©, Viridin (Trichodermin), Gaubsin FORTE, Biophosphorin, microfertilizers Harvest Bean, plant growth promoters and insecticide-compatible. Compatible with chemicals "Fever", "Scarlet", "Maxim", "Vitavax-200 FF". The use of fungicides is undesirable.

Storage Rules:

  •  Keep the preparation at t° from +5 °C to +15 °C in a dark place protected from direct sunlight, separate from the pesticides.
  •  Rising temperature during storage leads to the decrease of the products shelf life.

The working solution should be used within 3 hours.

The expiration date of the preparation in compliance with storage conditions is 3 months.

Method of processing and dosage BioMag© soya
preparationpreparation consumption rate
Biomag Soya©4,0 l/t seeds
Biomag Soya© (dry form)3,0-3,5 kg/t seeds
The content should be shaken thoroughly before adding the preparation to the working solution, and it is recommended to pass through a strainer filter.

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