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Comprehensive microbiological enzyme destructor to accelerate the process of humification and mineralization of plant residues and soil rehabilitation.

For the best result, the preparation is applied to crushed crop residues immediately after harvesting.

In addition to introducing into the open ground microbial enzyme preparation Celulad can be used in gardens. This allows not only to speed up the decomposition of leaves, fruits and dead tissues of plants, but also provides a fungicidal effect and contributes to the formation of useful biota due to the biocidal action against pathogenic microflora. Studies have shown a high efficacy of the preparation Celulad & copy; over the crown of plants and fallen leaves in gardens even when applied in November (air temperature is from +3 °C).

Preparation use:

 For the best result, in order to preserve moisture in the soil, the preparation is applied to crop residues immediately after harvesting.

 Plant residues in the field should be crushed (30-100 mm) and evenly scattered throughout the area.

 The preparation is used at air temperatures from +5 °C to +45 °C at high humidity (over 75%), in other cases - up to 35 °C, during a period of low solar activity (18.00-10.00), or from cloudy conditions.

 For greater efficacy and rapid action of the preparation, it is recommended immediately after introduction to introduce the preparation into the soil from 5-15cm. And in the case of "No-Till", roll the treated area with a roller.

Preparation compatibility:

The product is compatible with most insecticides, herbicides, biologics, fertilizers, and is incompatible with chemical fungicides. Shows a synergistic effect with preparation Potassium Humate, BioMag, Biophosphorin, Gaubsin FORTE, PhytoDoctor© and line of microfertilizer Harvest.

Storage rules:

The preparation should be stored at t ° from +2 °С to +15 °С in a dark place, protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 6 months.

Method of treatment and dosage
cultureapplication rate l/hamethod of application and standards of the working solution
Cereals1,5-2,0Spraying of plant residues in the field, immediately after harvesting, 200-400 l/ha, with the subsequent introduction of the preparation into the soil up to 15cm, or by rolling with rollers.
Corn1,5-3,0Spraying of plant residues in the field immediately after harvesting, 300-500 l/ha, with the subsequent earning of the preparation in the soil up to 15 cm, or rolling with rollers.
Fruit and berry3,0-5,0Fine dispersion of garden sprayer on fallen leaves, crown/vine crops, the rate of application of the working solution of 500 l/ha. Processing should be carried out twice a year: in the fall and in the spring.
Before adding the preparation to the working solution, the content must be thoroughly shaken! Before mixing the components, it is advisable to test for the formation of sediment in a separate container.

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