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At the heart of the DOP preparation there is a specially selected highly effective association of natural strains of carbonaceous aquatic minerals and microflora and environmentally friendly organo-mineral compounds, including macro - and microelements.

Preparation use

  •  Liquidation of accidental spills of oil and oil products on soils, water max, water areas, road, concrete and metal surfaces.
  •  Disinfection of reservoirs from crude oil and practically all types of fuels (emergency spills, waste and ballast water).
  •  Cleaning of oil collectors, tanks and tankers.
  •  Destruction of surface hydrocarbon film in drilling and sludge pits.
  •  Cleaning the territories and drains of airports, military bases, railway depots, washing stations and petrol stations.
  •  Biodegradation of industrial pollution of tank farms and gas stations (oil traps, spills on the territory, contamination of process equipment).
  •  Bio-utilization of oil waste (storerooms, septic tanks).
  •  Bioremidation ("treatment", restoration) of technologically disturbed soils to standard agrobiochemical, microbiological and phytocharacteristics.

Preparation benefits

  •  The preparation includes natural microflora strains having a temperature pot life range of -50 °C + 50 °C and a temperature optimum of + 1 °C + 40 °C.
  •  With the immediate introduction of DOW in case of emergency spills of petroleum products and crude oil, instant localization and biocatalytic transformation of pollution occur, minimizes the consequences - prevents pollutants from entering the atmosphere and groundwater, prevents soil toxicity, changes in soil agro-biochemical characteristics and hydrological parameters of water bodies.
  •  Harmless to humans, flora and fauna - has no medical, hygienic, toxicological and environmental contraindications (no effect on the skin, no cumulative effect, no immunotoxic, including allergenic effect).
  •  Promotes self-cleaning processes, biodegradation products are environmentally safe and are the basis for the formation of bottom sludge, humus, etc. Degradation and metabolism products have a positive effect on the growth, development and fertility of freshwater and marine invertebrates.
  •  After application of the preparation, no additional cleaning (decontamination, detoxification) of the surface is required, such as, for example, after the use of chemical coagulants, flocculants, South Africa (FeSO4, Al2 (SO4), CMC, TM-90, phosphogypsum, active silicic acid, K-cations 4, K-6, VA-2, etc.), which often have fairly quick, but uncontrollable and unpredictable consequences.


— Package Zip-Lock: 1 kg;
— Paper bag - 5, 10, 20 kg.

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