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The newest biotechnological preparation intended for the production of a microbiological machine ensures the availability of formro-macro-and microelements in the body, stimulates an increase in the morbidity in the body.

The use of the preparation provides:

  •  increased soil microbiological activity;
  •  improving the supply of plants with macro and microelements;
  •  stimulation of seed germination and plant development;
  •  increase the rate of assimilation of the active substance of mineral fertilizers;
  •  reduction of the infectious background of the earth;
  •  soil structure improvement;
  •  reduces phytotoxicity of the soil due to the destruction of chemical pesticide residues.

Preparation use:

The preparation is used for tillage before sowing in the fall and spring, by spraying followed by incorporation into the soil (cultivation, disking). Processing seed bed at the same time as sowing.

It is recommended to use simultaneously in a tank mixture with Celulad stubble destructor in the norm of 0.3-0.5 l/ha to improve the microbiological activity of the soil and soil structure.


0,3-2,0 l/ha

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