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Biological soil insecticide. The newest biotechnological preparation to control soil pests: Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa (European mole cricket), wireworms, larvae and adults of the May and Colorado potato beetle.

The active and effective basis of the preparation is the mycelium and spores of several races of entomopathogenic fungi.

Spores of the fungus in the soil, in contact with the body of the pest, germinate and damage adipose tissue, intestinal tract within 10-12 hours, paralyze the nervous system, muscle tissue and respiratory organs. As a result, the pest dies and becomes a source for the fungus itself and other soil microflora. Total death occurs in 40-120 hours, depending on the age of the larva or imago. It is safe for people, animals, earthworms, and therefore the use of the preparation does not require special security measures.

Preparation use:

  •  Entocide© is introduced into the soil in any available method: by mixing with fertilizers, in solution with irrigation water, by spraying the soil.
  •  It is recommended to use the preparation in autumn or spring, especially during heavy rains. After the preparation is applied, the soil is processed in accordance with the technology of plowing, cultivation, disking, and hilling. It is most effective to introduce the preparation into the moist soil before its processing.
  •  When planting sprouds or seedlings, soak the root system in a solution of the preparation or introduce it with irrigation water.
  •  The annual use of Entocide© contributes to a significant reduction of soil pests number.

Preparation compatibility:

The product is compatible with biological products, growth regulators, insecticides and fertilizers. Not compatible with fungicides and fumigants.

Storage rules:

Entocide© should be stored in a dry, cool place at a temperature from +2 °C to +15 °C, separately from food and medicines, in places inaccessible to children and animals. Storage of the working solution for more than 3 hours is not allowed.

Shelf life: 6 months.

Method of treatment and dosage:

Before adding the preparation to the working solution, the content must be shaken thoroughly!

The consumption rate of the preparation Entocide© is 10 l/ha. The rate of the working solution is 200 l/ha.

For seedlings soaking - 10,0-20,0 g/10 l of water, for 2 hours at least.

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