Invertase ENZIM - an enzyme for the preparation of an inverted syrup (invert syrup, glucose-fructose syrup), by splitting sucrose into components monosaccharide: glucose and fructose.

The enzyme preparation is obtained as a result of directed deep fermentation of the strain Pen. Canescens.

The main advantages of the enzyme:

  •  Splits sucrose into glucose and fructose to 100%.
  •  The resulting inverted glucose-fructose syrup does NOT crystallize and does not precipitate.
  •  Convenient to use (simple process of making inverted syrup).

Application features:

  •  Dosage: 1 ml per 1 kg of sugar.
  •  Operating temperature invert - 50 °C.
  •  The average duration of the inversion process is 1 day.


Preparation form

Liquid and dry.


— Plastic canister: 1, 5, 20 l.
— PET bottle 200 ml.
— Package Zip-Lock: 1 kg.
— Bank plastic 100 g.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature of + 2 ° C to + 15 ° C in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life

6 months.

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