Irucsan cosmetic cream gel, an ointment against the formation of scars and scars during healing, with antibacterial and antiseptic effect.

Cream-gel Irucsan is used for skin lesions, at risk of wound infection, as well as for the prevention of the formation of rough scars during healing.

Due to the presence in the composition of a specific enzyme - Collagenase, the cream helps to quickly cleanse the damaged area, prevents the formation of pathological scars.

The presence in the composition of collagenase causes hydrolysis of collagen of any type, cream-gel Irucsan effectively removes old, exfoliating skin particles, smoothes uneven skin and insensitive, minor scars and scars.

Due to the content of Miramistin, cream-gel has antibacterial and antiseptic effect, relieves irritation. Miramistin is a modern antiseptic with a broad spectrum of bactericidal action. A balanced gel base helps moisturize the damaged area, preventing it from drying out and speeds up healing.

Cream-gel Irucsan is used according to the recommendations of the doctor.

Method of application

  •  Cream-gel Irucsan is applied topically. Apply in a thin layer once or several times a day on a previously cleaned surface.
  •  The amount of gel per application is set individually, since it depends on the area of ​​the affected area.

The duration of use is determined by the dynamics of healing, elimination of the inflammatory process, cleaning of the damaged area, as well as the effectiveness and the absence or presence of side effects.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of the composition.

— Acrylic can 30g

— Collagenase - at least 600 proteolytic units.
— Miramistin - 0.15 g.

— Polyethylene glycol 400.
— Proxanol 268.

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