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Komplezim Septic

Preparation use

  •  Cesspools, septic tanks, septic tanks, manure depositories.
  •  Outdoor toilets without centralized sewage.
  •  Sewage systems and cesspools.

The results of the preparation:

  •  Reducing the formation of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide inside the premises.
  •  Decrease in saturation of smelly odors from 5-7 days of use.
  •  Increased service life and reduced maintenance costs for sewer systems.
  •  Reduction of the effluent discharge from the complex, due to a decrease in water dilution and improvement of their physicochemical parameters.
  •  Elimination of narrow bottom sediment of manure-free dung.


— Zip-lock package - 1 kg;
— Paper bag - 5, 10, 20 kg.;
— Plastic can of 100 g.

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