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Complex polymer preparation for processing of leguminous and industrial crops in order to prevent the cracking of their fruits: pods, beans or boxes.

The preparation has a unique ability to stick. 10-40 minutes after the treatment of the plants, a strong polymer film is formed, which has a reticulated structure that is able to stretch and glue the pods, preventing their cracking.

Properties of the film Xaladan:

  •  does not violate photosynthesis;
  •  contributes to the extension of the growing season and the accumulation of oil in oilseeds in the last 2-4 weeks;
  •  provides natural maturation, both upper and lower layers of oilseeds;
  •  does not collapse under the action of moisture and ultraviolet radiation;
  •  partially regulates the amount of moisture in the pods, preventing its penetration inside, but at the same time, does not significantly interfere with the evaporation of moisture outside.

Prescription preparation:

Gluing rapeseed, mustard; beans: soybeans, peas, beans, vegetable beans; bolls: flax and cotton, in order to prevent their cracking and yield loss before or during combining.

Preparation use:

Fill 2/3 of the sprayer tank with water, and then add the required amount of gluer. Fill the spray tank with water with constant stirring.

Preparation compatibility:

The preparation is compatible with all types of agrochemicals and biological products.

Storage rules:

Period of storage: 24 months from the moment of production.

Method of processing and dosage
cultureapplicationprocessing time
groundaircraft processing
planehang glider
glue, l/hawater l/haglue, l/hawater l/haglue, l/hawater l/ha
Rape, mustard, peas, soybeans, beans, vegetable beans, flax, cotton1,0-1,5100,0-200,01,0-1,550,0-100,00,6-1,06,0-12,03-4 weeks before the harvest