First-class adsorbent of mycotoxins feed for the most effective solution of mycotoxicosis problems in animal husbandry and poultry farming.

Active sorption of all known mycotoxins.

Stimulation of young growth.


  •  For diets of young and adult animals in case of suspected and in the presence of mycotoxins in the feed.
  •  For fattening animals as a growth stimulator.

Preparation benefits:

  •  Mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin B1, zearalenone, T-2 toxin, ochratoxin, vomitoxin, etc., are widely absorbed and neutralized.
  •  Reduces digestive disorders, normalizes digestion.
  •  It has a positive effect on the restoration of the reproductive system of broodstock.
  •  Blocks and inhibits the action of a number of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic micro-organisms in the intestine.
  •  Enhances and maintains the immune system and protective functions of the body.
  •  Restores, stimulates and stabilizes the performance of animals.


— for sorption and neutralization of feed mycotoxins - 0,5 кг/т,
— as a growth promoter for fattening animals - 1 кг/т


Multilayer kraft bags with a polyethylene liner of 20 kg.

Storage conditions:

18 months from the date of production at a temperature of -25 to + 25 °C in a ventilated room.

Mycotoxins that produce various types of mold
types of moldfound toxins
Aspergillus flavusAflatoxin В1, В2, G1, G2
A. parasiticusAflatoxin В1, В2, М1, М2
A. ochraceusOchratoxin
Fusarium trichodermZearalenone, Т-2, DON
F. roseumТ-2, 2-деоксиниваленол (ДОН)
F. graminearumZearalenone, ДОН
Penicillium viridicatumOchratoxin А
P. palitansCitrine, Ochratoxin А

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