Pharmacological surveillance

For us, one of the key tasks is to provide consumers with high-quality, effective and safe medicines, the benefits of which exceed the possible risks.

In order to monitor the safety and efficacy of medicines, the company operates a system of pharmacovigilance in accordance with the requirements of current legislation, international standards and ethical principles of the company.

The process of pharmacovigilance begins at the stage of preparation development and continues throughout its entire life cycle.

Timely detection of adverse reactions and informing the regulatory authorities allows them to be analyzed and, based on its results, develop and put into practice measures aimed at preventing adverse effects of preparation therapy, increasing its safety, and hence the quality of life of patients, constantly assessing the balance which benefit from the use of our medicines outweighs the possible risks.

The message should contain the following minimum information:

 name of the suspect preparation;
 description of the adverse reaction and / or indication of lack of effectiveness;
 information about the patient who has an adverse reaction (name / initials, age, gender and other important information);
 contact information and information about the person, provides notification (doctor, patient, relative or patient representative).

If you want to report the occurrence of an adverse reaction and / or lack of efficacy in the medical use of medicinal products manufactured by our company, please inform the Pharmacovigilance Department in a way that is convenient for you.

You can download and fill out the submitted form (Message Card):

 Map - message for patients and/or patient representative.
 Map - message card to medical and pharmaceutical workers.

Provide information by phone, fax or email.

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All information you provide is confidential and is not subject to disclosure, except as required by law.