Pectinase (polygalacturonase, pectolase) is a pectolytic enzyme for the hydrolysis (splitting) of plant polysaccharides (pectin substances). These substances are usually found in plants not in free form, but in the form of a complex complex, known as protopectin.

Pectic substances form a gel-like mass and hold the juice, preventing its separation. It is especially difficult to get juices without pulp from raw materials with a high content of pectin (plums, gooseberries, black currants, quince, etc.).

Pectinase ENZIM is effectively used to increase juice yield and improve filtration during the extraction, as well as to clarify juices and wine material.

Main uses of the enzyme

  •  Juice production, fruit purees and jelly.
  •  Wine and liquor production.
  •  Production of coffee and coffee concentrates.
  •  The resulting pectin is low in methoxy.

Application features

  •  Dosage depends on raw materials and process. Weighted average dosing of 50-100 g per 100 liters of juice.
  •  To increase the juice yield, the preparation is introduced into the pressed cake and settled before the final spin.
  •  Operating temperature range: 20-60 ° C. Optimal range of action 35-45 ° C.
  •  Working pH 3.0-6.0. The optimum range of pH 4.0-4.5.

Form of the preparation

— Liquid and dry.


— Package Zip-Lock: 1 kg;
— Bank plastic 100 g;
— Plastic canister: 1, 5, 20 l.;
— PET bottle 200 ml.;

Storage conditions

Store at temperatures from -25 °C to + 20 °C in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life

12 months.

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