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The preparation is intended for use in the preparation of the tank mixture, to prevent the formation of foam.

When preparing the tank mixture, the presence of foam negatively affects the formation of droplets of the working solution. Small droplets are blown away and blown away, and large drops flow from the leaf. The preparation Pegas prevents the formation of foam, thereby preventing the loss of the active substance of the working solution, and also prevents the overflow of foam through the mouth of the sprayer tank.

Properties of the preparation:

 Contains a high concentration of substances that will completely neutralize the possibility of foam formation when filling the sprayer tank.

 Compatible with all herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, desiccants and other pesticide groups, as well as fertilizers and oils.

 Does not allow the formation of foam in the preparation of the working solution, and instantly extinguishes the foam when it appears.

Preparation use:

Designed to be added to the sprayer tank when preparing the side mixture. This preparation in tank mixes must be added first (to prevent the formation of foam) or directly during the formation of foam (to pay for it).

Fill 2/3 of the sprayer tank with water, add pesticides, micronutrient fertilizers, and then add the required amount preparation Pegas.

Fill the spray tank with water with constant stirring.

Preparation compatibility:

The preparation is compatible with all types of agrochemicals and biological products.

Method of treatment and dosage:

The preparation is used normally 0,01-0,1% from the volume of the working solution.

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