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Highly effective probiotic based on specially selected strains of viable cells of lactic acid bacteria and lactic acid streptococcus.

It is applied for:

  •  Stabilization and stimulation of digestion.
  •  The colonization of the digestive tract of normal flora.
  •  Inhibition of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora.


  •  Repression of Salmonella and opportunistic strains of E. coli.
  •  Enrichment of chyme with lactic acid.
  •  Prevention of edema disease.
  •  Maintaining the health and integrity of the digestive tract.
  •  Enhanced adhesion to enterocytes.
  •  For young and adult birds after vaccination.
  •  As an adaptogen when changing diets and stresses of various etiologies.


  •  Rapid recovery of bowel function.
  •  Direction of settlement beneficial microflora.
  •  Permanent control of the number of pathogens.
  •  Development of amino acids and vitamins of group B.
  •  Normalization of metabolism, stabilization of the body's defenses.
  •  Increase productivity and save livestock.
  •  Reducing the cost of feed per unit of production.


For all age and sex groups of animals and birds, the preparation is used in the amount of

0,25 kg / t feed
0,125 kg / м3 water


Multilayer kraft bags with a polyethylene liner of 20 kg or plastic hermetically closed buckets with a handle from 0.5 to 10 kg

Storage conditions:

9 months from the date of production in a dark place at a temperature of from 0 to 20 °C.

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