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Ladozim Proxy

Ladozim Proxy (Phytase-3) is an enzyme preparation with an activity of 5,000 and 10,000 U / g to reduce the cost of rations of farm animals and poultry by reducing the addition of phosphorus-containing additives to the composition of the diet.

60-100 g of the preparation allows you to exclude from the recipe from 20 to 52% of various phosphates.

Used for rations:

  •  Breeding and industrial herd of poultry.
  •  Piglets and breeding stock.
  •  Young and adult animals.
  •  Dairy herds and young cattle for fattening.


  •  Splits phytates of cereal feed.
  •  Increases available phosphorus in feed.
  •  Increases the energy of growth of meat poultry by 2.9-4.8%.
  •  Helps increase the growth of egg shell thickness by 3-6%.
  •  Improves commercial quality eggs.
  •  Increases average daily gain of piglets by 4-7%.
  •  Excludes cases of rachitis in piglets.
  •  Improves sow performance.


 Laying hens, ducks - 60 g / t.

 Broiler chickens, turkeys, quails, rabbits, pigs of all age groups - 100 g / t.


Multilayer kraft bags with a polyethylene liner of 20 kg.

Storage conditions:

9 months from the day of production in a ventilated room at a temperature of from -25 °C to +25 °C.

Recommended dosages
animal / bird speciesactivity units / ton of feedDKF replacement equivalent, kg
Laying hens300 0008.5-9.2
Pigs500 0006.0-8.5
Layer ducks500 0009.0-12.0
Layer ducks500 0006.0-8.5
Interchangeability of preparation
preparationdosage, g/t
Ladozim Proxy100
Ronozim NP200-300
Natufos 5000100
Fizim 5000100
Preparations of production China120
Data to enter into the program - nutritional value of the preparation Ladozim Proxy (In 1 kg of product with an activity of 5000 units / g)
datalaying hens/laying ducks - 60 g/t feedbroilers/meat ducks, turkeys, quails - 100 g/t feed pigs of all age groups, rabbits - 100 g/t feed
OE, Mcal/kg530530120
Crude protein, %225022002000
Lysine, %10010075
Calcium, %1700 / 175010001150
Assim. phosphorus, %1900 / 210010001000
Total phosphorus, %2300 / 250011801200

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