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Liquid micronutrient with a high content of boron (B) in an easily accessible form (borethanolamine) for foliar feeding of crops. For boron-sensitive crops include: sugar beet, canola, soybean, sunflower, legumes, fruit trees, vegetables and others.

The content of nutrients in the preparation: Boron - 150 g/l

Recommendations for the use of the preparation:
culturephase of usepreparation rate, l/ha
Grainuntil the end of tillering, when confirming a boron deficiency with a leaf diagnosis0,5-1
Legumesof necessity1,0-1,5
Cornin a phase of 4-10 leaves3
Sunflowerin a phase of 10-12 leaves1,0-1,5
Rapein the fall in the phase of 4-6 leaves2-3
spring before flowering
Sugar beet1-3 application between the phase of 4 leaves and the closing of the spacing2-3
Potatoes1-2 introduction at the inter-row spacing1
Fruit and vegetable plants1-2 introduction before flowering with sufficient leaf surface2
Cabbage, leafy and bulbous1-2 application as soon as a sufficient leaf surface is formed.2-3
Root and tuber crops, asparagus1-2 application immediately after the formation of a sufficient amount of leaf surface3
Berrybefore flowering1
Garden strawberriesduring the change of color of the kidneys from green to white1
Apple tree, pear2 introduction from the beginning of the redness of the buds until the end of flowering3
after harvest
Stone Fruitat the beginning of flowering3
Table Grapes2 introduction to increase the buds and the beginning of flowering1