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Liquid microfertilizer with a high content of copper (Cu) in an easily accessible form for foliar feeding of crops. It is recommended for the correction of nutrition of crops sensitive to the lack of copper and sulfur - wheat, barley, oats, maize, root crops, industrial and legumes. Copper deficiency is observed on acidic, sandy and peaty soils.

The content of nutrients in the preparation: Cuprum - 100 g/l, Sulfur - 30 g/l

Recommendations for the use of the preparation:
culturephasethe rate of consumption of the preparation, l / ha
Winter cerealsduring the growing season0,5-1,0
Potatoes8-10 leaves0,5
Vegetables open ground8-10 leaves
Vegetables indoor groundduring the growing season, 1-2 times, the interval of 12-14 days
Strawberriesduring the growing season
Apple treeduring the growing season
during the growing season0,5-0,7