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Liquid micronutrient fertilizer with a high content of manganese (Mn) in an easily accessible form for foliar feeding of crops. It is recommended for correcting the nutrition of crops sensitive to manganese deficiency - sugar and fodder beets, oats, potatoes, apples, cherries and raspberries.

The content of nutrients in the preparation: Manganese - 100 g/l

Рекомендации по использованию препарата:
culturephasethe rate of consumption of the preparation, l/ha
Winter cerealsBloom2,0-3,0
LegumesBefore flowering3,0-4,0
Root vegetablesFrom the 6th leaflet to the formation of the fetus2,0-3,0
Potatoes2 weeks after germination, after 10 days
Vegetables open ground8-10 leaves
Vegetables indoor ground1-2 treatments for the growing season with an interval of 14 days