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Liquid microfertilizer with a high content of molybdenum (Mo) in an easily accessible form for foliar feeding of crops. Recommended for the effective correction of the nutrition of crops sensitive to molybdenum deficiency - legumes, some of the cruciferous family (especially rapeseed and mustard), sugar beets.

The content of nutrients in the preparation: Molybdenum - 100 g/l

Recommendations for the use of the preparation:
culturephasethe rate of consumption of the preparation, l/ha
LegumesSeed treatment0,7-1,0
3-5 trigeminal leaves, budding0,4-0,6
Sugar and fodder beet4-6 leaves, the next application in 10-14 days when the leaves are closed in the aisle0,4-0,6
Winter and spring rape, mustardWhen restoring the spring vegetation, the phase of green bud0,5-0,6
Vegetable cropsAt the beginning of the growing season, 7-10 days before the cessation of active growth and maturation.0,4-0,6