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Microfertilizer, specially designed for use in organic farms that have received permission from certification authorities. The composition of the preparation is chosen in such a way as to meet the needs of most crops without a negative impact on the environment.

The optimal ratio of microelements in an easily accessible form allows activating the processes of photosynthesis, cell division and synthesis of organic compounds, increases the activity of enzymes, provides an increase in the yield level and the resistance of plants to disease damage.

The content of nutrients in the preparation, g/l:
Recommendations for the use of the preparation:
culturecount treatmentsmicrofertilizer rate, l/haconsumption work solution, l/ha
Wheat, winter barley3-41-22-3
Wheat, spring barley2-3
Corn, Sunflower
Rapeseed, Flax
Fruit, stone fruit3-4400-600