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The liquid complex microfertilizer intended for extra root top dressing of fruit and berry cultures. Has a high content Nitrogen (150 г/л) та Calcium (170 г/л), contributes to the growth and improvement of fruit quality.

The optimally selected ratio of microelements in an easily accessible form, in combination with EDTA and a complex of organic acids, allows activating the processes of photosynthesis and cell division, increasing the activity of enzymes, and ensuring an increase in the level of yield and resistance of plants to stressful conditions and disease.

The content of nutrients in the preparation, g/l:
Recommendations for the use of the preparation:
culturenumber of treatmentsuse phasepreparation rate, l/hathe rate of working solution, l/ha
Apple tree, pear2-3Fruit growth1,0-2,01,0-2,0
After 15 days
After 15 days
Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries1-2Berry growth
After 15 days
Vegetables2-3Fruit / Root growth
After 15 days
Stone fruit: cherry, sweet cherry, plum2The end of the flowering phase
Growth period