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Liquid multi-component fertilizer with a high content of trace elements for foliar feeding of industrial crops.

The optimal ratio of microelements in an easily accessible form, in combination with EDTA compounds and a complex of organic acids, makes it possible to intensify the processes of photosynthesis, cell division and synthesis of organic compounds, increase the activity of enzymes, increase the yield level and the resistance of plants to disease.

The content of nutrients in the preparation, g/l:
Recommendations for the use of the preparation:
culturetermsmicrofertilizer rate, l/haconsumption work solution, l/hastandards urea for mixing *, kg/ha
Sugar beetPhase 6-8 leafs1,5-2,0200-3005-15
After 10-14 days1,0-2,0
Before closing the aisles
RapePhase 6-8 leafs1,0-1,5
After 10-14 days
Budding phase
SoyBudding phase1,0-1,5
Green bean phase
SunflowerPhase 3-4 leafs1,5-2,0
Budding phase
* - Important: when increasing the application rate of urea, the consumption rate of the working solution should be increased so that the concentration of the solution does not exceed 5%.