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The complex of microelements, is designed to meet the needs of the maximum number of crops in any phase of growth and development.

In addition to the necessary trace elements, the complex includes high amounts of the trace elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which enhance the absorption and penetration of trace elements into the plant.

The content of nutrients in the preparation, g/l:
Recommendations for the use of the preparation:
culturetermsnorms, l/hasolution, l/haurea standards*, kg/ha
Wheat, winter barleyAutumn in the tillering phase2-3200-3001-5
Spring in the tillering phase1-25-20
Phase spike
Wheat, spring barley, oatsTillering phase1-2200-3005-20
Earing phase (except for spring barley brewing varieties)1-2
Legumes (soybeans, peas, chickpeas)Phase 3–5 triplicate leaflet or plant height 10–15 cm1-2200-300-
Bean formation and pouring
CornPhase 4-6 sheets1-2200-3002-10
10-14 days after the first1-1,5
Winter rapeseedAutumn 4-6 leaves1,5-2,0200-3001-5
Spring rapeseedThe formation of the outlet of 6-8 leaves1-1,5200-3002-10
Potatoes2-3 week after emergence1,5-3,0200-3000,2-1,5
Open field vegetables3 weeks after transplanting1-2300-4000,2-1,5
Greenhouse vegetablesAfter rooting seedlings1-2400-6000,5-2
Berry cropsBefore flowering2-4300-4000,5-2
* - Important: when increasing the application rate of urea, the consumption rate of the working solution should be increased so that the concentration of the solution does not exceed 5%.