It is a broad-spectrum biofungicide for the prevention and treatment of a complex of agricultural diseases caused by phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria.

PhytoDoctor© effectively prevents and acts antagonistically against agents of a wide range of plant diseases: Botrytis, Erwinia, Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, Pyrenophora, Rhizoctonia, Septoria, Verticillium and others.

PhytoDoctor© is characterized by high biological efficiency against root rot, fungal diseases of cereals, legumes, cotton homosis, phytophthora and rhizontoniosis of potatos, fruit rot.

PhytoDoctor© is safe for humans, so it can be used before and during the harvesting, and the products are allowed for the consumption without waiting for some period after treatment. The period of the preparation application: from sowing to maturation.

Methods of the preparation application:

  •  treatment (soaking) of seeds, roots of seedlings of vegetables and planting material before sowing or planting into the soil;
  •  soil treatment in green- and hothouses, on garden bed before planting seedlings and compost decontamination;
  •  spraying of plants for the prevention of the complex of diseases;
  •  soil treatment before planting of potatoes and tomatoes, if in previous years there was a strong damage by blight;
  •  treatment of tubers, flower bulbs before planting and laying for storage;
  •  spraying of fruit trees, berries throughout the whole vegetation season;
  •  treatment of premises (vegetable storehouses, greenhouses), vegetables and fruits before laying for storage.

Application of the preparation PhytoDoctor:

  •  For seeds treatment the aqueous working solution is prepared at the rate of 10 l/t of seeds. First of all chemical components are introduced into the solution, biological components are introduced last.
  •  The working solution should be used within 3 hours. Seeds and seedlings are treated in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight.
  •  The treatment of plants should be carried out during periods of minimal solar activity (morning, evening, night, cloudy weather).

Product compatibility:

The preparation is compatible with insecticides, herbicides, biologicals, fertilizers and chemical fungicides.

It has a synergistic effect with the products Gaubsin FORTE, Viridin (Trichodermin), Biomag and Celulad©.

Storage rules:

Store the product at t° from +2 °C to +10 °C in a dark place, protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 6 months.

Use working solution during 6 hours.

Method of treatment and dosage of the preparation PhytoDoctor©
culturediseasesprocessing method, consumption of working solutionconsumption rate
Crops (wheat, rye)Molding and rotting of seeds, root rotPresowing treatment of seeds with suspension. Working solution consumption is 10 l/t1,0-1,5 l/t
Snow mold, powdery mildew, septoriaSpraying of crops in the tillering stage. Working solution consumption is 250-300 l/ha1,5-2,0 l/ha
Septoria, bacteriosisPeriodic spraying during the growing season1,0-1,5 l/ha
Spring crops (barley, wheat)Root rotPresowing treatment of seeds with suspension. Working solution consumption is 10 l/t1,0-1,5 l/t
LegumesMolding and rotting of seeds, root rot, powdery mildewSeed treatment before sowing. Working solution consumption is 10-150,5-1,5 l/t
PotatoesLate blight, rhizoctoniosis, wilt, dry and wet rot of tubersPreplanting treatment of tubers by suspension. Consumption of working solution is 30 l/t0,3 l/t
Late blight, alternaria, macrosporiaSpraying of plants during the growing season by suspension. Working solution consumption is 300-400 l/ha2,0-3,0 l/ha
CabbageBlack leg, vascular bacteriosisPresowing soaking of seeds for 1-2 hours, followed by drying in the shade. Soaking of seedlings roots by suspension for 1-2 hours before planting30-40 g/l of water
TomatoesRoot rot, bacterial cancer, fusarium wiltSoaking the roots of seedlings in suspension for 1-2 hours before planting40 g/l of water
Late blight, brown spot, alternariosisSpraying during the growing season. Working solution consumption is 300-400 l/ha2,0-3,0 л/га
CucumbersRoot rot, fusarium wilt, bacteriosisPreseeding seed soaking for 1-2 hours20 g/l of water
Powdery mildew, peronosporosisSpraying during the growing season. Working solution consumption is of 250-300 l/ha.1,5-2,0 l/ha
Fruit trees, berry bushes and grapesPowdery mildew, cocomicosis, fruit rotSpraying during the growing season, spraying of fallen leaves in autumn and in spring. Working solution consumption is 600-800 l/ha3,0-4,0 l/ha
Treatment of fruits and vegetables before storageDry and wet rot, late blight, etc.Spraying of fruits and vegetables with the suspension of 10 l/t30 g/l of water
Before adding the preparation to the working solution, the content must be shaken thoroughly!

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