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Probiol Plus

Complex probiotic preparation for increasing meat productivity we fatten young cattle and milk production of dairy cows.

Preparation Probiol Plus::
— Effective with any type of feeding.
— Improves feed intake and conversion.
— Increases meat and dairy efficiency.
— Optimizes the quality indicators of milk.


  •  For fattening young animals.
  •  For fattening dairy herds.


  •  High antagonistic activity to pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora.
  •  Stimulation of ruminal microflora.
  •  Reduced ammonia content in the rumen.
  •  Reducing the risk of acidosis and ketosis.
  •  Normalization of digestive processes and prevention of digestive disorders.

The active ingredients of the preparation:

  •  Specially designed for cattle strain of yeast-saharomycetes.
  •  Probiotic cultures.


  •  Increased milk production up to 1.4 kg/head/day.
  •  Increased milk fat content up to 5-7%.
  •  Increase in meat productivity fattening calves up to 24%.


0,01 kg/head/day


Packages "zip-lok" 1 kg multilayer Kraft bags with a polyethylene liner of 20 kg.

Storage conditions:

12 months from the date of production in a ventilated room at a temperature of from 0 °C to + 20 °C.

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