BINOC© Sunflower

Complex inoculant for pre-sowing treatment of corn seeds (including cured) to maximize the crop potential.

The complex includes selected microbiological cultures - antagonists of root rot pathogens and stem and leaf diseases, nitrogen-fixators, phosphorous and potassium mobilizers, phytohormones, antibiotics, vitamins, amino acids and growth regulators, trace elements. The composition of the complex and its action have been perfected under laboratory and field conditions for 5 years. Efficiency of action and high payback of the complex has been proven in practice in all regions of Ukraine, with different technologies of corn cultivation.

BINOC©Sunflower – Biotechnology preparation, environmentally friendly for humans, animals, birds and bees.

Advantages of the complex application:

  •  Increase in germination by 10-20% and seed germination energy;
  •  Rapid formation of a powerful root system;
  •  Formation of the rhizosphere from beneficial microflora;
  •  Suppression of soil pathogens of bacterial and fungal diseases;
  •  Anti-stress effect when using soil herbicides;
  •  Increase of corn yield by 5-20%;
  •  The ability to save mineral fertilizers without losing productivity.

Paculiarities of the complex application:

  •  It is advisable to apply the complex not later than 7 days before sowing the seeds.
  •  The working solution should be used within 3 hours.

Preparation of working solution:

  •  When adding the components to the working solution, it is recommended that they should be passed through a strainer filter.
  •  For seeds treatment the aqueous solution at the rate 10 l/t of seeds is prepared. Mix the components of the complex in a mixing tank and add the required amount of water. Seeds should be treated in shade or under a canopy, avoiding direct sunlight. Treated seeds must be protected from direct sunlight and heat above 25 °C.
  •  Before using the components of the complex, their contents must be shaken thoroughly!
  •  When preparing the working solution with insecticides the complex BINOC© Sunflower should be added last.

Storage rules:

Store the complex at t° from +5 °C to +20 °C in the dark place, protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 6 months. Packaging - 6 l for 1 ton of corn seeds.

Method of treatment and dosage of BINOC© Sunflower
culturecomplex consumption rate
Pre-sowing treatment of seeds by the aqueous suspension at the rate of 10 l/t6,0 l/t seeds
The content of the preparation should be shaken thoroughly before adding to the working solution and it is recommended to pass it through a strainer filter.

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