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Komplezim W

The composition of the biological preparation Komplezim ENZIM includes an association of natural microorganisms based on the bacterium of the strain Bacillus Subtilis, which, once in the water, begin the active processing of organic elements of contaminants.

Preparation use

  •  Effective cleaning of reservoirs from urea, ammonia, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates, etc.
  •  Suppressing the development of blue-green algae and preventing water "blooming".
  •  Reduced accumulation of bottom formations and the risk of reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.
  •  Eliminating odors from the decomposition of algae.

When breeding fish in artificial waters, Komplezim allows you to maintain a healthy aquatic environment with a high population density, reducing the risk of developing pathogenic microorganisms.


— First use of 3.5 ml working solution per 1 m³ (350 ml / 100 m³)
— Regular use (prophylactic dosage): 1.5 ml per 1 m³ (150 ml / 100 m³) 2 times a month.


— Package Zip-Lock: 1 kg;
— Paper bag - 5, 10, 20 kg.;
— Plastic can of 100 g - 100 UAH / pcs.

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