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Limacid - it is a granular biological bait preparation designed to fight snails and slugs. The action of the preparation appears shortly after eating the granules with slugs and contact of the surface of the body of the mollusks with the preparation, subsequently this causes their death.

The composition of the preparation: 1% - iron phosphate, 2% - food attractant Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 97% - filler-bait of plant origin.

Consumption rate: 80g per 100m2 (1 hectare)

Packaging: Package 1kg. 5kg bag

Shelf life: 24 months at a storage temperature from 0 °C to +25 °C in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.

What harm do slugs do?

Slugs damage a very wide range of crops: tubers and leaves of potatoes, white and cauliflower, lettuce, various root crops, seedlings and young shoots of many vegetables, leaves of beans and peas, fruits of strawberries, cucumbers and tomatoes. They cause less harm to red cabbage, parsley, garlic, onions, leaves of ripening cucumbers and strawberries.

They cause particularly noticeable harm to winter wheat and rye, eating not only sown grain, but also its seedlings. Oats and barley are less affected by slugs. In practice, they do not touch spring wheat, flax and buckwheat.

Damage caused by slugs is very characteristic and easy to distinguish from traces of other agricultural pests. In a leaf, they usually gnaw out irregularly shaped holes, leaving intact only the stem of the leaf and the veins themselves. On root crops, potato tubers, strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers, they gnaw out various shapes and sizes of caverns that expand inward.

In cabbage, snails damage not only surface and surface leaves, but also gnaw deep holes in the head. In cereal grains, they gnaw out both the embryo and the endosperm. A characteristic feature of such injuries are numerous traces with frozen mucus, heaps of feces and earth. All kinds of fungal spores, bacteria and parasitic helminths often accumulate in their mucus.

Crawling from one plant to another, slugs contribute to the spread of various fungal and viral diseases among crops - cabbage spotting, downy mildew of Lima beans, and late blight of potatoes. These diseases can cause damage to the household no less, and often - more than the direct harmful activity of slugs.

In addition to direct harm, snails cause indirect harm, polluting the products of the crop and contributing to their decay, thereby reducing storage time.

Features of the preparation:

 As much as possible controls snails in places of movement and prevents their reproduction.

 The first signs of the action of the preparation are observed from the first hours of application, - mass death occurs on 3-6 days.

 The bait preparation is attractive to slugs even in the presence of vegetable feed.

 Low toxicity for non-target objects: earthworms, bees, beneficial insects.

Instructions for use:

Препарат Limacid evenly scattered in places of movement and reproduction of slugs.

In case of use on beds, beds, etc. - make in rows no closer than 20cm to the plant.

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