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Ladozim Respect

Effective multienzyme composition to optimize and reduce the rations of animals and birds.

It is applied for:

  •  Reduced feed cost to 10%.
  •  Reduced feed intake to 4-5%.
  •  Increase protein digestibility up to 2.5%.
  •  Increased availability of essential amino acids up to 5%.
  •  Stabilization of performance.
  •  Protection from the negative effects of NPS on the body.

It is used for rations of all gender and age groups of animals and birds:

  •  With a high content of meal / sunflower cake, barley, rye, oats, millet and bran.
  •  With recalculation of dosing when adding a new crop to the recipe.


  •  Increased availability of nutrients to feed digestive enzymes.
  •  Increased digestibility and absorption of protein, fat and carbohydrate feed.
  •  A significant reduction in the negative effect of "anti-nutritional factors".
  •  Optimization of the microbiological environment of the digestive tract.
  •  Compensation of deficiency of digestive enzymes in the early stages of animal growth and stress.
  •  It allows to include in the feed up to 35% of the meal or sunflower meal, up to 60% of barley and up to 35% of rye, oats and bran.


— Ladozim Respect Optima - 500 -750 g/t
— Ladozim Respect Ultra - 100 - 120 g/t
— Ladozim Respect (liquid form) - 300 ml/t


Multilayer kraft bags with a polyethylene liner of 20 kg.

Storage conditions:

9 months from the date of production in a ventilated room at a temperature of from -25 °C to + 25 °C.

Recommended dose of preparation input Ladozim Respect, depending on the content of plant ingredients in the feed
prep. / dietwheat up to 50% + sunfl. and soy up to 15%, kg/twheat up to 50%, barley up to 35%, rye / oats / bran. up to 10% + sunfl. / soy up to 27, kg / tbarley up to 60%, rye / oats / bran millet. up to 25%, sunfl. meal / soy up to 35%
Ladozim Respect0,4000,5000,750
NPS content in feed
feednon-starch polysaccharides, %
celluloseβ-glucanpentosansamount of NPC
Wheat bran10,6-13,615,0-25,022,0-33,7
Soybean meal3,4-9,93,0-4,518,0-22,7
Rapeseed meal10,9-15,918,7