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Biostimulator with a high content of amino acids of plant origin and other biologically active substances.

Aminostim – complex preparation containing a set of basic free amino acids of plant origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis. The preparation also contains other biologically active substances (vitamins of group B, phytohormones, organic acids, etc.).

These amino acids are in a plant easily digestible form (L-α-amino acids) and can be brought to the metabolism quickly and without additional energy costs. Applying the preparation Aminostim in the appropriate (critical) phases of plant growth and development, we provide plants with available amino acids, as a result of which the released energy is expended for other physiological processes.


— Free amino acids – 134 g/l
— Nitrogen common – 24 g/l
— Phosphorus water soluble – 20 g/l
— Potassium water soluble – 20 g/l

The advantages of the preparation:

  •  rapid recovery of plant life after stress;
  •  stimulates the growth and development of plants;
  •  activates physiological and biochemical processes;
  •  improves the absorption of active substances;
  •  affects the uniform coating of leaves with liquid;
  •  regulates the pH of the working solution.

Features of the preparation:

Biologically active substances together with amino acids stimulate the growth and development of plants, have a positive effect on metabolic processes, help improve the uptake of macro-and microelements, increase the activity of the photosynthetic apparatus and increase yield and product quality.

Aminostim allowed to use in any systems of plant protection. It is allowed to mix in tank mixes with both chemical and biological preparations.

The use of the preparation contributes to:

  •  better plant resistance under stress conditions;
  •  improving the development of the root system and generative organs;
  •  improve the absorption of macro-and micronutrients;
  •  increases yield and product quality.


1,0-3,0 l/ha

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