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Potassium Humate

Potassium Humate – water soluble potassium salt of humic acid - is a highly effective growth stimulator for all crops of open and closed ground.

Liquid with a concentration of humates not less than 10%.

Potassium Humate made from leonardite and contains humates K - at least 80%, fulvates K - 20%, and K content is about 13%. Despite the fact that the preparation is made from humic and fulvic acids, it does not contain chemically free acids, since they are associated with potassium.

The main advantages of using the preparation:

  •  activates the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins in the plant;
  •  mobilizes the immune system of plants, increases plant resistance to diseases;
  •  increases seed germination energy, contributes to the formation of friendly shoots;
  •  increases yield, improves product quality, increases shelf life;
  •  increases the level of nutrient absorption from the soil;
  •  stimulates the development of a powerful root system;
  •  increases plant resistance to external stresses;
  •  increases the effectiveness of plant protection products and micronutrients;
  •  helps to restore soil fertility and improve its structure;
  •  contributes to soil detoxification from pesticides, heavy metals and radionuclides;
  •  is safe for the environment, people and animals.

Preparation use:

 For seeds prepare an aqueous solution from the calculation of 10 l/t of seeds. First of all, chemical components are introduced into the solution, and humates are added last.

 When spraying crops during the growing season (together with plant protection products), the application rate of the working solution for field and vegetable crops is 200-300 l / ha, for pome seeds and stone fruits (gardens) - 600-1000 l / ha. Processing plants should be carried out during periods of minimal solar activity (cloudiness, evening, night, morning). Working solutions are prepared immediately before use and are used at one time. When used in the working solution of biological plant protection products, fertilizers, biological products, Potassium Humate is applied first.

 Before mixing the components, it is advisable to test in a separate container for the formation of sediment.

Preparation compatibility:

Potassium Humate is compatible with pesticides, biologics and fertilizers.

Shows a synergistic effect with preparations BioMag, Biophosphorin (Azogran B), PhytoDoctor©, Celulad© and a line of the microfertilizers the Harvest.

Storage Rules:

Store the preparation at t° from +5 °С to +30 °С in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 24 months; after opening the package - 12 months.

The method of processing and dosage of the preparation Potassium Humate
processing methodpreparation consumption rate, dry formpreparation consumption rate, liquid form
Presowing seed treatment (along with a disinfectant)0,2 kg/t
1-2 l/t
Soaking the roots of seedlings and seedlings (10-12 hours)0,2 kg
on 10 l of water
2 l
on 10 l of water
Processing on vegetation of plants (2-4 processing in tank mix with plant protection products)0,05-0,1 kg/ha0,25-0,75 l/ha
Top dressing through drip system (3-4 treatments per vegetation)0,05-0,1 kg
on 1000 l of water
0,25-0,75 l
on 600-1000 l solution
Before adding the preparation to the working solution, the content should be thoroughly shaken, and it is recommended to pass through a strainer.

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