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Long-acting biotech preparation to improve the phosphorus, potash and nitrogen nutrition of plants, stimulate root growth and prevent plant diseases.

It is used to reduce the norms of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers by 20-30% due to the transformation of insoluble phosphorus and potassium soils into forms accessible to plants.

The preparation is used for pre-sowing seed treatment, soaking the root system of seedlings and seedlings, root feeding of agricultural plants, as well as to improve indicators of soil fertility, increase the availability of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium for plants.

The action of the preparation Biophosphorin is based on the natural ability of bacteria to transform hard-to-reach phosphorus and potassium compounds into forms that are easily absorbed by plants.

Biophosphorin works most effectively in the root zone (rhizosphere), and therefore the best method of application is seed treatment, planting roots, spraying the soil in the seed zone when sowing, spraying the soil, followed by embedding.

The main advantages of using the preparation:

  •  increases by 10-15% germination of seeds, rooting of seedlings of vegetables, seedlings and seedlings of fruit and berry and ornamental crops;
  •  increases the energy and germination rate of seeds, adapts plant seedlings to adverse environmental conditions;
  •  increases the soil content of available forms of potassium by 20%, available forms of phosphorus by 50%;
  •  increases by 10-20% indicators of crop yields and product quality;
  •  activates the beneficial microflora of the soil and improves its microstructure;
  •  effectively acts both in closed and in open ground;
  •  promotes soil formation processes during land reclamation, restores soil fertility.

Preparation use:

 For seed treatment prepare an aqueous solution from the calculation of 10 l/t of seeds. First of all, chemical components are added to the solution, biological components are added to the latter. Seeds and planting material are treated in the shade or under a canopy, avoiding direct sunlight. The treated material must be protected from direct sunlight and heat above 25 °C.

 For spraying the soil application rate of the working solution is 250-300 l / ha. During the preparation of the working solution biologics are introduced last. Tillage should be performed during periods of minimal solar activity (morning, evening, night, or overcast). To store working solution in a shadow or under a canopy, avoiding hit of direct sunshine. The working solution must be used within 6 hours.

 Before using the preparation, the content must be thoroughly shaken!

Preparation compatibility:

The product is compatible with insecticides, herbicides, biologics, fertilizers and most fungicides. It has a synergistic effect with Biomag, Gaubsin FORTE, Viridin (Trichodermin), PhytoDoctor©, Celulad© and a line of the microfertilizers the Harvest.

Shelf rules:

Store at t° from + 2 °С to + 15 °С in a dark place protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 8 months.

The method of processing and dosing Biophosphorin
processing methodsuspension rate
Presowing treatment of seeds with suspension at the rate of - 10 l/t1,0-2,0 l/t
Soaking the roots of seedlings and seedlings lasting 5-10 minutes150 ml (g)
5 liters of water (100 units)
Spraying the soil to improve fertility (before cultivation, disking)0,5-1,0 l/ha
Before adding the preparation to the working solution, the content should be thoroughly shaken, and it is recommended to pass through a strainer.

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