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FitoNis – antistressant with a stimulating effect.

During the growing season, plants are exposed to a large number of stress factors: pesticidal loads, adverse weather conditions (temperature, humidity), mechanical damage, hail, deterioration of nutrition, etc. This leads to a deterioration of plant growth, reduced productivity, and sometimes their doom.

Thanks to a specially selected formula, FitoNis contributes to the rapid recovery of biochemical processes in the plant. Root cells are actively dividing the root system, as a result of which the plant through the young root hairs intensively absorbs the necessary nutrients and moisture.


The preparation includes: bacteria of the genus Bacillus subtilis, amino acids, organic acids, microelements, growth promoters, PEG, adjuvants.

Preparation benefits FitoNis:

  •  rapid recovery of plant life after stress;
  •  stimulates the growth and development of plants;
  •  activates physiological and biochemical processes;
  •  improves the absorption of active substances;
  •  affects the uniform coating of leaves with liquid;
  •  regulates the pH of the working solution.

Features of the preparation:

In plants, protein synthesis is restored, the process of cell aging slows down and the waste products in the plant move intensively. As a result, photosynthesis improves, plants reduce energy costs for the restoration of biochemical processes, and they spend it on growth and development.

It is recommended to apply for root and foliar feeding agricultural, vegetable and fruit crops.

Application features and compatibility:

Compatible with most chemical and biological products.

Before use in the tank mixture to conduct a test for precipitation.

Not recommended for use with preparations containing copper, sulfur, growth stimulants and amino acids

The method of processing and dosage of the preparation
culturephaseconsumption rate l/ha
CerealsIn the early phases (before the flag leaf appears)0,4 - 0,5
After the appearance of the flag leaf0,5 - 0,75
Corn, sunflowerBefore the advent of the 7th leave0,4 - 0,5
After the appearance of the 10th leave0,5 - 1,0
Soy, canolaBefore the flowering phase0,4 - 0,5
In the grain loading phase0,5 - 0,75
Fruit crops, gardensTop dressing during the growing season0,5 - 1,5

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