Calcium lactate

Calcium lactate ENZIM - (food supplement E327, calcium lactic acid, calcium salt of lactic acid, calcium dilactate, calcium lactate) - white powder, odorless. Slowly soluble in cold water, easily in hot water.


Antioxidant, acidity regulator, emulsifier. Calcium donor in any food.


  •  In the production of bakery products for feeding yeast;
  •  To consolidate the structure of sausage products, finely chopped semi-finished meat products, semi-finished products from poultry, seafood, sauces, mayonnaise;
  •  In the manufacture of bakery and jelly products used as a hardener and emulsifier, stabilizes the structure of the product;
  •  In drinks for healing, in sports nutrition; nutrition for children; in jam, in marmalade, jelly, margarine;
  •  As a regulator of the level of acidity in cheese making.

Preparation form

Fine white powder, odorless.


Main substance: 98.0-99.0%

Calcium: 13,4-14,5%


— 10 kg bags or other packaging as agreed with the customer.

Storage conditions

It is stored in transport packaging in dry, ventilated rooms with a temperature and humidity not exceeding 75%.

Shelf life

12 months.