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A complex of chelated microelements, created to provide seedlings of any crops with the most essential nutrients and amino acids, as well as stimulation of soil microflora.

The optimal ratio of pure trace elements in a biologically accessible form and biologically active substances - metabolites in the composition Harvest Start, allows to activate the processes of cell division and synthesis of organic compounds, to increase the activity of enzymes, provides an increase in yield and resistance of plants to disease.

The rhizosphere microorganisms affect the plant not only by converting difficult-to-reach compounds from the soil to a plant-accessible form, but also through complex growth stimulation (gibberellins, auxins), which affects plant morphology and physiology, as well as other specific metabolites, such as ethylene, which causes early flowering.

In the presence of phytopathogens, rhizosphere microorganisms synthesize various biologically active substances - antibiotics, enzymes, siderophores, and others that effectively inhibit the development of pathogens.

The content of nutrients in the product, g/l:
+ Auxins, amino acids, vitamins of group B
Recommendations for the use of the preparation:
culturetargetthe rate of consumption of the preparation l/t
Legumes (soybean, pea, chickpea) Pre-sowing seed treatment0,1-0,15
Cereals (wheat, barley)0,2-0,3
Technical (corn, sunflower)0,2-0,3