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A complex of chelated microelements, selected in such a way as to ensure optimal growth and development of grain crops.

Increased nitrogen content available for plants allows microfertilizer Harvest Corn to adjust the quality indicators of grain when applied in the corresponding phases of ontogenesis.

The optimal ratio of trace elements in an easily accessible form, in combination with chelated EDTA compounds and a complex of organic acids, improves the supply of plants with mineral nutrition elements during critical periods of growth and development, which positively affects the establishment and formation of generative organs, the resistance of plants to disease and increases size and quality of grain yield.

The content of nutrients in the product, g/l:
Recommendations for use of the preparation:
culturetermsmicrofertilizer rate, l/haconsumption of work solution, l/harecommend urea standards for mixing *, kg/ha
Winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley, oats, ryeTillering phase 1,5-2,0200-300 5-15
Handset phase10-15
Earing phase (except brewing barley brewing varieties)2-6
Corn, sorghum5-7 leaves5-10
* - When increasing the rate of application of urea, the rate of consumption of the working solution should be increased on the basis that the concentration of the solution does not exceed 5%.